RailTel the connectivity partner of Indian Railways

RailTel was established with the vision to modernize Railways train control, operations and safety system networks. Over the years, RailTel has implemented various telecom & IT infrastructure projects as well as various value added services for Indian Railways, which has aided in spreading various Railways applications to remote and rural stations thus increasing customer satisfaction. Various services that RailTel has been providing to Indian Railways are mentioned...

Short haul connectivity (station to station): RailTel has created STM-4/STM-1 based network at every station to support various data connectivity needs of Railways such as PRS/UTS/FOIS/mission critical information along with carriage of voice traffic such as emergency communication during disaster management etc.

Data Network: RailTel provides MPLS based Wide Area Network (Railnet) to support administrative data communication needs of various field organizations of Indian Railways. The network interconnects Ministry of Railways with 16 Zonal HQs, 66 Divisions offices, Production units, for sharing of information from all depts. RailTel is now in the process to connect all Tier-1 PRS center on MPLS VPN connectivity with the disaster recovery site of CRIS which shall increase the reliability of these links. The network is being used extensively for Railnet, IPAS, PRS/UTS, FOIS, etc. applications important for Railways own administrative and operational needs.

NGN for voice traffic: All major telephone exchanges of Indian Railways are connected with future proof Next Generation Network (NGN) technology. This infrastructure is very critical for day to day administrative functioning of Railways.

Broadband: In addition, RailTel has deployed DSLAM's on existing Railway exchanges to provide Broadband services to more than a lakh of homes and offices of Indian Railways in both urban and rural areas using the existing Copper wire last mile of Railways. This shall not only help Railway employees but shall also help in increasing Broadband penetration in the country in line with the National Telecom Policy.

Facilitating CUG services: Further, RailTel has also facilitated for Mobile CUG connections for 175,000 officers of Indian Railways which is arguably the largest CUG plan within India. It has greatly facilitated in seamless communication among the officials for improved train operations.

RailTel TPaas: RailTel’s state of the art Tele-Presence services have been used extensively for inauguration events of Railways in the past by Hon’ble MR and Hon’ble MSR across 114 locations. Time to time Railways has conveyed their satisfaction of using such systems leading to resolution of many logistical issues and saving of cost.

Today RailTel has grown up from just being the Telecom arm of Indian Railways to a full-fledged Telecom and IT Services provider with an Independent identity in the industry. Yet we take pride in our roots and mentorship by Indian Railways, the great value system of which has enabled us to grow to the present level with a future full of hopes like a rising sun.

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